Client Stories

By:  Nancy K. Jones

I am a current client at the Advant Garde Salon in Lincoln.  My massage therapist is Stephanie Stuteville, who I have been seeing for routine massage for over a year now.  When I started about two years ago on my own health journey it was because I was overweight, tired and had a complete hysterectomy which threw me into a full blown year long menopause episode that was difficult to deal with.  I had mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, was stiff from joint and arthritis pain and was not myself in many ways.  I decided the first order of business was to receive some thereputic massage; so I went to Stephanie to get that care.  She was the most thoughtful and caring therapist and she took time to ask me what was bothering me and how best to address the areas of pain and stiffiness that I was experiencing.  She has helped me to work through the pain and stiffness that I had in my body and each massage since the starting point has helped me to be more relaxed, reduced my stiffness and helped with the joint and back pain.  The other benefits of massage is that it helps to break up the toxins that have accumulated in muscular areas of the body and by drinking lots of water after massage those toxins get flushed out of the body. 

During this healthy journey I also became a certified "Life coach" to help others to become more in charge of the everyday stress in their lives.  This journey has help me to learn about myself in so many ways and through that process I was actually coached through my own education and training on how to get better with my own emotional state.  I started a healthy eating and exercise plan and have lost over 60 lbs and I feel so much better.  There is a time in our lives when we take stock of where we are and where we want to go.  It came to my attention that I had to useek the services of several medical modalities and services to make myself healthier and stronger so that I could enjoy a longer life.  In the past couple of years I lost a brother at 60 to liver cancer, only to then, the following year, lose my own first born son at the young age of 34, to a heart attack brought on by Type 1 diabetes and other long term health challenges such as seizures, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and depression. After those tragic losses it made me realize how precious this time on earth is.  I have made many "healthy" lifestyle changes and so far the results have been so great and I feel so much better.  I continue to see Stephanie for my bi-weekly massage (When I get rich it will be more frequent) and will continue on my healthy wellness journey.  If your having issues with your day to day activities or are anxious or not sleeping I suggest that you too seek out the benefits of massage therapy.  It really really does heal the mind, spirit and body.  Thanks Stephanie for helping me on my wellness journey and keep doing what your doing to help others to feel better too.